best friends

by Adrift at Heart

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recorded in tyler's living room 9/4-9/5


released September 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Adrift at Heart Michigan

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Track Name: Cosmic Poet - netflix
you're really nice and i want to watch netflix
with you every day
snuggle up under my blankets
say goodbye to the day
look outside and say hell no
i ain't going out in that snow
stay inside all day
we're together so it's okay
Track Name: Celadones - high-end low
you never know
which way to go
you never know
when your highs are your low

so will you show me the way home?
i left my keys down at the show
so if you don't mind
will you show me which way to go?
Track Name: nebulous (acoustic)
did i forget to call you back?
if i blink will i snap out of this?
im out of my mind again
drifting off into a reality i can't make
cause im me
don't remind me who i am
everything's spinning
i'm empty in a void
hiding from the people i love
hiding from time

floating above the clouds
through the ozone
over the moon
to another galaxy
i don't need oxygen
i will be fine

did i forget to call?
has it been hours or years?
i don't know anymore
i don't know anything
i will sore through a nebula
i'll miss you all, but nevertheless
i am nebulous mixed with hopelessness
and i don't care what's for the best
so i will be fine
i will be fine
i will be fine
Track Name: Tyler Marcus - new years
when i tell you of my stories
when i tell you of my dreams
do i forget to include they're all about you?
do you know that i know that you know that you do?
we are just starting to bloom and coming together
but how can you love me when i can't love myself?
well you figured out how but i was still trying

nights alone in the basement
haunted by thoughts at 3am
of all my disappointments
you fit right between them
in the creases of the couch we used to sit in
kiss in and miss in
minutes now penance
for missed snippets of seconds
and pivots of visits

and the broken springs in the couch recline
when i sit alone
i said i loved you on new years eve
and you left as soon as the ball dropped
dropped off a letter explaining that we can't work
that we can't work
that we can't work
that we could never work