by Adrift at Heart

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released January 14, 2015

big special thanks to Cherry!! Salina Cherry, she's the bomb



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Adrift at Heart Michigan

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Track Name: eraser shavings
i get so sad, alone, and apathetic
my eyes won't stay focused
all welled up and drifting
it's all so strange, yeah i can't explain it
i don't feel creative

eraser shaving abstract painting

i hate my handwriting
my lowercase "k" with a loop on the arm
that i can never change for more than a day
a metaphor for self-efficacy
oscillating constantly
isolated constantly

i hate feeling empty
i want to feel free and write honestly
and maybe i can change for more than a day
never thought i'd ever be this way
vacillating constantly
isolated, unhappy

is my writing full of clichés?
is my art subpar and blasé?
drive home after midnight
fall asleep in the car
Track Name: Cosmic Poet - someday
as we sail across the sky
just you and me oh my
then we soar through the stars
then we try to land on mars
we're gonna find a place to go
beneath the sun, beneath the snow
you know it's where i want to go
so long as you will follow

separated by the man
ya know i'll find you if i can
even galaxies away
know that i'll find you someday
even if it takes all night
one day, i'll fly your kite

even if it takes my life
know that we'll be together
Track Name: Celadones - dione
i wake up
watch you put on makeup
and realize you'll never talk to me
i always say im alright
though im fucking lying
im the furthest i could be
from feeling something normal
i want to take a formal leap off of your bridge
before you push me off instead

in her silhouette
she smokes cigarettes
looking for the ghosts living in her past
wake up in the night
dreaming isn't right
of how simple it would be to change my life

oh how much i hate you so
that i find myself in love with you
that now i wish that i could fall into a coffin